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My Favorite Teacher - Part 1

My Favorite Teacher (story)

Aunty Uche is my favourite teacher. Not just only me, but also many other students in my school, although, some people may not understand why we rated her so high, especially those who are not in our school.

First of all, my name is Joy Kanu, and before you begin to wonder why I have both names, my mother is from Kaduna State, while my father is a native of Arochukwu, in Abia State.

I am very happy to have such a dual background because it allows me to travel almost every festival period, and learn different things.

In addition to that, my mother’s parents are Muslims, while my fathers’ are Christians, so I was exposed to the two religions, and in all my studies about them, I can correctly say that there is nothing much different in both of them. They both preach goodness and God.

When I visit my maternal home Kaduna, my grandfather takes me to the Mosque and we will read the Quran together, also when I visit my father’s village, li equally enjoy going to Church with my grandparents and learn about the bible.

Before I bore you with my private issues, let me tell you few things about my teacher, Aunty Uche. 

My school, Kings International School, which is located in the heart of Lagos State, is one of the best schools in our dear country, Nigeria.

The first day I was taken to the school by my father, Mr. Hope Kanu, I saw a lot of things that were supposed to entice me, but as a young girl of eight years old, I was scared, and never wanted to be left alone by my parents. In all my primary education, I insisted I must live in school to experience new things, and also allow them to focus more on their jobs.

My father preached to me in his car till we got to the school gate, on why I should relax and see the school as my new home.

I was afraid to leave my parents who gave me everything I needed as a child. Even though they both live apart, due to their jobs, I also enjoyed travelling to see them at different times and when I get there, they spoil me with gifts.

Now that I have to live in school as a boarder, I was afraid of bing maltreated. However, my father did all the talking that he and my mum will never abandon me in school.

“Listen to me my sweetheart, I and your mum will always come to visit you, okay? Don’t be afraid, we will not abandon you here.” Dad preached.

Entering the school compound, I saw different types of flowers, which were used to decorate the place and other beautiful things that could attract any child, but my mind was still not settled.

My dad then parked his blue Toyota Avensis car, and we walked through the walk path into the registration office. There were other children whose parents also brought for registration, but my eye could barely capture any interest, as my mind was still bleeding.

“Yes, this is my precious daughter, Joy Kanu… “My dad introduced me to one of the teachers that stood aside, receiving those who are coming for the first time. I only managed to greet her and my father knew that I was about to cry, so he decided to ask the teacher to follow him to his car so that he could discuss few things with her.

As we all got to the car park, my dad spoke to the teacher. “Look, I want my daughter to be well taken care of. Please, whatever it will take, I do not mind at all. Just let me hand her over to you and be sure that you can take good care of her for me” He pleaded, and the woman told him not to worry, that his daughter would be well taken care of.

“You don’t need to worry sir, your daughter is in good hands. In the school, we treat children like ‘little saints’ and I am glad they all leave here happily, after their graduation. Yours won’t be different sir.” The woman assured my dad.

“Alright then, can I have your phone number, just in case I need to call to know how she’s doing?” my dad requested and gladly, the woman gave him her number and added that her name is Mrs. Uche.

“O good to know that, so you’re from the east?” my dad asked, trying to know her better.

“Well, I am from Nigeria sir. In this school, tribes are not really discussed, what matters most is being good to the children and seeing them as equals.” She added. “O, I’m glad to hear that, please take good care of my daughter. You may have this for yourself…”my dad brought out some money to appreciate Mrs. Uche, but she refused to accept it.

“Please sir that is not acceptable in this school. We don’t receive gifts from parents. Once you pay your fees, you are free. Anyway, thank you” she said.

“Excuse me, this is from me, you never asked me for it. Please take it, or are there cameras around here?” my dad insisted.

“Even though there are no cameras sir, the eyes of God is wide enough to see all things. I cannot accept it sir.” Mrs. Uche maintained.

My dad was left with no choice but to allow her be. He only begged her to allow me see him off to the gate and then return, since my bags were already dropped at the dormitory.As we through the gate, my father and I were shocked to see the security man giving him sign for money.

“Can you collect something from me?” my father asked, in order to be sure he doesn’t repeat the mistake he made with Mrs. Uche, buy instantly, the man nodded his head, and in fact started dancing about as if he was expecting some millions from my dad.

What surprised us the most was that when my dad gave him one thousand naira, he looked at it, and just went inside without even saying, ‘Thank you’.

“Well at least, someone has collected something from me,” He said, before I got down from the car and bade him farewell, in tears.


1. Joy is a native of?

2. What type of car does Joy’s father drive?

3. What is the name of Joy’s school?

4. Where is Joy’s mother from?

5. What is the name of the teacher that welcomed Joy and her father?

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