Saturday, September 5, 2020

My Favorite Teacher - Part 2

My Favorite Teacher (story)

All through the day, I was in secret tears that no one could see, and even as we were brought into an open class to choose our new friends, I was unable to choose any, or allow anyone to come close to me because of my blue face.

Later on, the teachers began to come in one after the other to introduce themselves, and Mrs. Uche also introduced herself a one the teachers, teaching religious studies.

After the introduction, I could see many students running towards Mrs. Uche and her smile was equal to each of them. She hugged them one after the other, and cuddled those who were looking sad.

When it got to my turn, I sluggishly walked to her, and Mrs. Uche also hugged me and then whispered something into my ears. “From today, you have a friend.” That night, I could hardly sleep, as my mind was occupied with the sweet memories of all the good things my parents used to do for me, but then, I could not also forget that simple phrase that Mrs. Uche left in my ears earlier on.

The next morning, as I was following the other students into our new class, I noticed something that surprised me. I saw one of the teachers, specifically the Mathematics teacher, taking an envelope from one of the parents that came to drop her daughter that morning.

I didn’t know what to believe, “could it be that Mrs. Uche was only pretending to my dad yesterday?”

As soon as we entered the class, it was that same teacher that came in to take us on Mathematics, and l could still feel the joy in her face, like someone who just secured a new contract.

As she was teaching, her eyes were constantly fixed on the envelope, and truly, I did not enjoy her teaching. Even though I am not perfect in Mathematics, I still loved to be in class whenever it was taught in primary school, but I could hardly even call the topic, let alone the details of her teaching. I just did not enjoy the class.

Instantly, I began to feel disappointed in myself, even as I did not notice the students reacting as if they enjoyed her teaching too, but one of us was able to say a word, and there was never a time she asked us any question, to know if we were following. It was as if she just came in to play around words and leave.

With that experience, I was already fade up with the school, but I could not do anything to help my situation. Kings International School has a lot of regard outside, but I didn’t know what really goes on inside.

Shortly after that, another teacher entered and was to take us on Social Studies. His own style was to separate the students and place those he loved in front of the class, and then most of us at the back.

I was wondering what led to that, since I only just came to school. “Does it mean he knew me before now? How come he place me at the back?” I kept on wondering, but doubts couldn’t offer me any wing to fly, so I just kept quiet, to see if I could hear some of the things he said, but he intentionally spoke in such a low tone, to make sure that those of us who are not in front hardly hear him.

I almost cried my eyes out that day. “Is this what I will continue to experience? Why am I here in the first place?” I kept on asking myself. I could hardly touch the food that was served that evening, because my mind was already messed up. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t consider giving me a cell phone. He felt I will disturb them with it, so he only agreed to speak with Mrs. Uche once a day, to know how I am doing, and I didn’t have enough courage to confront Mrs. Uche about my experience.

The next day, it was like a storm when Mrs. Uche walked into our class. Everyone was cheering her up as if she is the president’s wife, or daughter.

I couldn’t help but stood up like the others, but wondering what was so special about her that everyone was so happy about.

However, the moment she started teaching, I could see nothing but a mother, trying to teach her child something and insisting that she knows it. I was so touched by her teaching that I did not even know when I started crying. It was the girl that sat beside me, Tini that called my attention to the tears in my eyes.

I also enjoyed the fact that Mrs. Uche took her time to explain in detail, the concept of God, using every available religion to explain how peaceful, loving, caring, accommodating and forgiving our God is.

She then put up a question, “if our God is this good, where are all the bad coming from…?” She asked everyone, and I could feel how touched everyone felt at that question.

Immediately she concluded her teaching, I just ran to her and greeted her passionately. “O my dear, how are you doing today? I hope you’re enjoying yourself?” she asked, and I smiled.

I didn’t want her to know my sad experience with the other teachers.


1. What subject does Mrs. Uche teach?

2. Joy saw a teacher taking an envelope from who?

3. How will you describe Mrs. Uche according to this passage?

4. Which teacher brought his favourites to the front?

5. How many times does Mr. Hope call Mrs. Uche in a day?

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