Saturday, September 5, 2020

My Favorite Teacher - Part 3

My Favorite Teacher (story)

Gradually, I started getting along with Mrs. Uche and she was ready to teach me anything I needed to know, even out of the class.

One day, I sat with some of my colleagues in class, reading and getting ready for our upcoming-exam, which was my very first exam in that school, and considering how strict the teachers was, I needed to be more prepared.

Suddenly, I realized that some of the students were not serious with their studies at all, but were only glued to their phones. I almost started feeling inferior as to why my dad refused to buy me one.

I know he could afford it, but he simply didn’t want to buy it, because of some personal reasons, but here are my colleagues using all kinds of phone.

My concentration was however more on my books, but then one of then tapped me and whispered into my ears. “O girl, why are you bothering yourself so much? Didn’t your parents sort for you?”

I was very surprised at that statement, “What does she mean by ‘sort’?” I wondered, but then I saw others reading romantic articles, and even pornographic pictures. That was when I realized that I was in a very bad company.
Few days later, the first exam began, and I could see how most of them were shivering inside the hall, as though they were unfamiliar with the subject.
It was then that I felt lucky to have read; since I didn’t understand what it’s meant by ‘sort’ and my parents would never hear me mention such thing to them.

I began to attend to the questions that were simpler for me, but within few minutes, I saw the teacher sneaking into the hall and quietly giving some papers to those my colleagues.

I was shocked. “O my God, what do they mean?” I thought to myself, but obviously, the invigilator could not utter a word. “He must have been sorted too.” I concluded, and then decided to mind my own business. Even as they were trying to give me some of the papers, I completely ignored them.

After the exams, the school was closed for some period and I was able to visit home again after three months. The day my dad came to pick me, he actually came with my mum, who must have taken enough excuse just to be with me.

My dad didn’t bother giving Mrs. Uche any money, but he brought some gift items, which the woman again rejected. My dad had no choice than to share the gifts with some other people, including our security officers, who were interested.

Mrs. Uche took her time to explain to my dad how peaceful and committed I have been in school, and my parents were so proud of me. “You don’t need to tell me, I know my daughter.” Dad boasts.

My holiday period was again so much fun for me, as I was able to visit my grandparents and then understood what it meant to have a dual background on both religion and tribe.
I tried to picture what Mrs. Uche taught us about religious tolerance, for us to see another as one people, created by God, irrespective of our belief system.

I spent about two weeks with my maternal grandparents in Kaduna before visiting my paternal grandparents in Arochukwu, and there I also spent another two weeks, making it one month.
Then I returned to Lagos to spend the remaining two weeks with my parents, because my mother was actually on her annual leave, which she applied for just because of me.

She would have preferred me to spend the entire period with them, but my grandparents would not allow me. They continued to worry them until they decided to take me to them one after the other.

Within the two weeks I spent with my parents in Lagos, I was able to prove to them that indeed, I was learning fast, because I could easily pick up a topic from my last session and explain in details to them, as it I was the one who prepared the lecture.

However, the only subject I could boldly treat in such a manner was Religious Studies, which Mrs. Uche teaches us. My dad was proud of me. “I am so glad to have you as my daughter.” He says.

Returning to school after the break, I was so shocked to see that the results of those my colleagues, whom I knew very well that they didn’t study for the exams, were better than mine, except for the Religious Studies which was taught by Mrs. Uche.

In fact, most of them failed Religious Studies, and were even accusing me of having sorted the teacher, and refused to carry them along.

“Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have never sorted any one before. “I defended, but they told me to shut up.

“Will you keep quiet? We told you what was going on and you went ahead to sort that wicked woman behind our back. Don’t worry, another exam will come.” They threatened.


1. How many months did Joy use in her first session?
2. Joy sorted Mrs. Uche in the exams. True or False?
3. Why did Joy’s colleagues do better than her in the exams?
4. Which subject did Joy perform better in?
5. How long did Joy spend with her grandparents

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