Saturday, September 5, 2020

My Favorite Teacher - Part 4

My Favorite Teacher (story)

This was the ugly trend in our school that no one seemed to control. At first, I thought that Mrs. Uche didn’t know about it, and I was scared to be the one to reveal such to her, but I was surprised the day she told me by herself, “look, in this school, there are different types of people, those who came to read and those who came to sort. You must be determined to make a difference.

From then on, I decided to keep quiet and prove myself. Although, that decision almost took away all my friends, except Tini, whom I was able to win over to my side, not because she didn’t prefer to sort the teachers, but because her parents were not that rich to afford it.

She was however surprised to notice that I was totally against it, after she saw my parents, and probably evaluated the cars they came with.

She called me one day and told me how the other girls were treating her because her parents couldn’t afford to sort the teachers, an that really affected her emotions, but then I told her to watch out for who will laugh last, whether it will be the ones that sort teachers, or the few that insist on reading their books to pass.

Tini and I began to get close to each other, because of that single value and for the fact that I learnt not to underrate anyone despite their background. Later on, Mrs. Uche became our mentor, and was able to teach us more every day, including the other subjects.

As a result of that additional lesson, the subsequent exams began to favour us. We were able to pass very well, even better than they that sort the teachers.

However, during our promotional exams in SS 1, some of the teachers that take money from the students began to threaten me and Tini that we will never pass, unless we sort them.

In fact, one of them, Mr. Wale our Government’s teacher told me to visit him personally at home and I was wondering what he wanted from me, but then I started hearing that he and some other male teachers had been sleeping with the young girls in our school.

I was so disturbed, but when I told Tini, about it, she suggested that we involve Mrs. Uche, which I did not want to, but when the fear became too much for me to bear, I decided to tell Mrs. Uche and then she held my ears and warned me seriously, never to try it.

“Did you hear me? Don’t you ever visit any male teacher in this school, if you try it, I will seize to be your guardian and in fact, I will practically inform your father about it immediately.”

As the exam began, on the day we were writing Government, I observed how Mr. Wale was looking at me, like someone who owes him. I couldn’t make anything out of it, until the result was out and I was shocked to score 29.

That was the beginning of a new phase in my school. My parents were surprised to see such score for someone that has the intention of studying Law in the University.

“Excuse me; is this a joke or what? I thought you said you wanted to study Law in the University, is this how you intend to do it…?” My dad continued to shout at me when he received the result.

I couldn’t say a word, because I didn’t tell him or my mum about Mr. Wale’s request, and that was because I didn’t know he was going to fail me for not honouring his request.I began to grow thin all of a sudden. Out of shock, my dad decided to call Mrs. Uche, to be sure that I have been taking my studies serious and then the woman told him everything, but pleaded that he does not allow it to blow up, so that the school will not be affected

“No, I cannot take that. My daughter cannot be enslaved, it is not possible…” my dad screamed.

Finally, he decided to visit my school unannounced and with him were three mobile Police Officers, from the State Police Headquarters. As soon as Mrs. Uche saw them, she knew that something has gone wrong.

My dad insisted on having Mr. Wale arrested, after taking the matter to our principal, but little did we know that the principal himself was the number one molester in our school. He did not want Mr. Wale to be arrested, so that his own dark side will not be revealed, but to their surprise, Mrs. Uche gave her testimony and indicted all the teachers are involved in that act, as well as the ones taking money from the students to assist them during exams.

Mr. Wale and the others, including the principal were arrested and charged to court for child molestation and exam malpractice. After the court ruling, they were made to serve three years each.

After that incident, Mrs. Uche resigned from our school, and out of fear of the unknown, my dad decided to remove me from the school also.

1. Who invited Joy to his house?
2. What class was Joy when she failed her paper?
3. What was Joy’s score in her Government?
4. Was the principal also arrested?
5. What was the reason why Joy was removed from the school?

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