Saturday, September 5, 2020

My Favorite Teacher - Part 5

My Favorite Teacher (story)

For over six months, my parents couldn’t decide on any other school for me, because they were highly disappointed with my former school. My dad has also been finding it difficult to call Mrs. Uche on the phone, because he felt we were responsible for her misfortune.

One day, my mum confronted him and insisted that he speaks to Mrs. Uche; otherwise she may think we do not have conscience in our family, and later that night, my dad called her, but rather than sounding awful, the woman was still smiling on the phone, as if nothing bad really happened.

I couldn’t help but cried that night. I imagined how friendly that woman was to me, and to think that I might not be able to see her again made me so sad.

Few weeks from then, Mrs. Uche called my dad on the phone and recommended another school for me, because she is fully aware that I have not been going to school since the incident at my former school.

When I was informed about it, I was not really excited because I knew that Mrs. Uche would never be my teacher anymore, but to our surprise, Mrs. Uche was the principal of this very new school, Queens Academy.

We were all shocked, wondering what has happened that a woman, who left her job unintentionally, is now promoted to a principal.

She then narrated her story to us, how she has served in my former school for several years without promotion, because she refused to follow their steps, but the moment the police was involved, the government decided to visit their records and realized that she was long due for promotion.

“That was how I received my promotional letter, and believe me; this wouldn’t have been possible, if your daughter was one of those bad girls that surrender themselves to them so cheap.
When I thought about the whole matter, I knew that though God was interested in my case, but He decided to use your family to elevate me. That is why I decided to invite her to continue here with me, so that I can always monitor her, even though such rubbish will never exist as long as I am here” she narrated, before my mum threw herself at her and together, we all cried like little children.

Since then, my family has held Mrs. Uche so close and even though I made the best result in my final year in Queens Academy, I can boast anywhere that it was due to my hard work and a special grace from God, through Mrs. Uche, who guided me and my other colleagues, including the ones from our former school, whose parents brought into Queens Academy because of Mrs. Uche.

We are all very proud of her.
Today, I and Tini are doing well in our different courses in the University education, because of our friendship, and her academic performance.

She is studying Mass Communication, while I stick to my ‘Law’.


1. What is the name of Mrs. Uche's new school?
2. How long did Mr. Wale and others served in the prison?
3. Why did Joy’s parents sponsor Tini in the University
4. What is Joy studying in the university?
5 The principal of Kings International School was not involved in child abuse? True or False

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