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The best Mother in the World - Part 1

The best Mother in the world (story)

Ade and his mother, Bidemi are best of friends. Their friendship started a long time ago, when Ade’s father, Mr. Mesioye, died in a fatal accident, on their way from the village, and Bidemi, who was also in the vehicle, managed to escape with a minor fracture on her right hand. Since then, Bidemi took Ade as her best friend.

When Mr. Mesioye died, Bidemi cried so much but when Ade held her hands and told her to stop, she took a deep breath, and then held Ade close to her chest, because he was very little.

Ade’s parents had good plans for him before he was born, but the death of his father affected the plans. Bidemi could not afford to enroll him in a good school, because of their high fees. She only managed to put him in a nearby school, she could afford.

When Ade was in Nursey Two, about to enter into the Basic class, Bidemi lost her small job. She could no longer pay even the small amount demanded by the local school.
She called Ade as he returned from school that day and held his hand. “My dear boy, you know Mummy loves you? But I cannot afford to pay your school fees anymore I feel like dying.”
Bidemi was surprised at how Ade received the message. Instead of crying, Ade told her not to worry, that God will not forsake them. “Mummy, I know you are trying, God will bless you.” That made Bidemi to cry even more at night.

The next morning, Bidemi took Ade to their school and pleaded with their head teacher. “Excuse me ma, I am sorry to bother you, but things are very hard now. I just lost my little job and my husband is late. Please allow my son too continue till I get a new job and pay you.”

“Madam, I don’t think you’re still in this country. Don’t you know that things are hard for everyone, how do you want me to manage this school without money?” The head teacher replied.

By then, other pupils whose parents have paid their fees are already in their classes peeping at Ade and his mother as they talked with the head teacher outside.

Since the woman refused to help them, Bidemi took her son away and almost cried home. Ade looked at her each time, but didn’t know what to say.

The next day, Bidemi took Ade to one of his uncles, but as they got there, the man was about to drive out with his big car. “Yes, what can I do for you?” he asked Bidemi.

“Sir, please I have come to ask you for assistance, to pay my son’s school fees. He has just been thrown out and my job ended, so I need your help “Bidemi said, almost in tears.

“It’s all your fault. Haven’t I told you to come and see me personally? Why do you always come when you need my help? Look my dear, this life is give and take, understand? So if you want me to help you, you know what to do. “The man, whose name is Bernard said, but instantly, Bidemi took Ade out and vowed not to bother him again.

“It’s really my fault coming back after what you did the last time. I thought you would have a change of mind, but you are still the same. Don’t you see that I have a son for your late brother, and you still want to lay with me?” What would that profit you? Anyway, I am going”. Bidemi said, as she drags Ade out of Bernard’s house.

From that day, Ade continued to stay with his mother at home, and sometimes, they will not have anything to eat, but Bidemi will sing for Ade and make sure she puts him to sleep, before going out to beg for what they can eat for the day.

“I swear, I will never lay with any other man except my husband, even in his grave, I still respect him.” Bidemi says s she walks and when people see her, they easily conclude that she is crazy.

For three years, Ade stayed at home without going to school when his mates had already gone far ahead of him. Somewhere already in Primary Three, while others are in Primary Two, but each day, Bidemi will teach Ade at home and even give him examination to write, and each time, Ade surprises her with his performance. “You are just like your father, so intelligent.” She says.

1. What is the name of Ade’s father?
2. Mr. Bernard gave Bidemi enough money for Ade’s school. Yes or No?
3. Mr. Mesioye died in a fatal accident. Yes or No?
4. Why did the head teacher refuse to accept Ade back in school?
5. What was Mr. Bernard’s request from Bidemi, before he could assist Ade in school?

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