Saturday, September 5, 2020

The best Mother in the World - Part 2

The best Mother in the world (story)

One day, Ade asked his mother why things are so difficult for them. Bidemi looked at him and instead of just giving him the answer, she started to sing for him, because Ade usually enjoys her voice.

Few seconds later, Ade slept off in his mother’s legs. By the time he woke up, Bidemi has already prepared delicious rice and stew for them to eat and Ade was very happy. He loves rice and stew.

“How did you get money to cook Mum?” Ade asked.
“The Lord provided, my little angel” Bidemi replied.

As they ate, Bidemi narrated to Ade how she met an old school mate of hers, who offered to help her with a small job in a farm, and with that, they could live their normal lives again, and Ade would be able to continue his school.

The news made Ade to be so happy. He never liked to miss school at all but since his mother could not provide his school fees; there was nothing he could do.

All through that day, Ade was very happy as he gathered his school books together, ahead of time.

Unfortunately, Bidemi’s friend disappointed her on the job, and that really broke Ade’s heart.
It was difficult to calm him down, because he was already looking forward to joining his mates in school. Bidemi tried to beg him, but he was no longer interested. He cried more often and when his mother brought food to him, he refused.

Bidemi became became so worried and decided to take another step to make sure that she gets some money to pay Ade’s school fees. This time around, she started sourcing for pal-kernel in every bush available, to sell to those who use them, and with that, she was able to save some money to send Ade back to school.

Ade also supported in breaking the palm-kernel and they were able to make some money through it, enough to pay for the school fees and also buy some food stuff and that made Ade so happy.

By the time Ade returned to school, his mates were already in Primary Four, while he only started Primary One, at the age of eight. His mates laugh at him most of the time, but Ade was determined to make his mother proud.

As Bidemi could not afford to get her son money to buy food, or biscuits during breaks, she usually comes to give him food, and at such time, she notices how other children make jest of Ade. She cries, but looking at Ade, his mind is so strong that he does not worry about to him. “One day, I will make you proud, Mummy.” Ade assures his mother.

One day, in their school, the pupils were asked to prepare poems which would be recited at the ceremony of the school’s Tenth Anniversary.

To this, Ade told his mother, and she was glad to assist Ade make up a good poem, which she titled “The Best Mother in the World”

In the poem, Bidemi captured how loving Ade has being to her, to an extent that he was born with four different fibroids, and yet, she didn’t even notice it while she was pregnant.

It also captured the fact that Ade was in her stomach for four months and she didn’t notice that she was pregnant. She then called her son a merciful and loving child, and which is why she cannot be anything less than a perfect mother to him.

When the poem were recited at the occasion, Ade’s poem got almost everyone in tears, especially the mothers, who also came to cheer their own children.

Some of them were even disappointed at the type of poems their children recited. Most of them focused more on irrelevant things, but Ade’s poem reminded them of the need to create values in their children.

1. Who wrote poem for Ade?
2. Bidemi’s friend promised to help her. Yes or No?
3. Did Bidemi’s friend fulfill her promise?
4. What did Bidemi do to get money for Ade’s school fees?
5. Did the other parents enjoy Ade’s poem?

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