Saturday, September 5, 2020

The best Mother in the World - Part 3

The best Mother in the world (story)

After the occasion, Ade became more popular in school. Every parent wanted to meet him personally. The head teacher was also impressed.

“What can we offer this hero of ours today?” asked the head teacher, referring to Ade.

“Scholarship…” Everyone shouted.

That was how Ade obtained a scholarship from their head teacher. Bidemi did not bother to pay school fees for him anymore. Also, Ade was made the captain of his class, because his results were the best.

Gradually, Ade completed his primary school. As he was about to enroll in secondary school, Mrs. Gladys, one of the parent that loved his poem decided to take up his school fees.

She did that in order to please Ade, whom she preferred as a friend to her only child, Anita.

Anita is equally brilliant, but not as brilliant as Ade. However, they were the best in their class. Most of the time, Ade assisted Anita in some subjects, especially science, which Anita was not good at.

Anita also enjoyed Ade’s friendship and one day, Mrs. Gladys invited Ade and his mother to her house.

It was a very big building, the type they only are in television. Bidemi could not stop looking at the beautiful house, even as they were ushered in by Anita.

“My wife has told me how intelligent and helpful your son has been to my daughter. We have decided to adopt him into our home. We will train him to any length he wants to go.” Anita’s father said at the dining table, and Mrs. Gladys smiled.

On hearing that, Bidemi knelt down and thanked Anita’s father, but as she spoke, tears rolled down from her eyes. Then, Anita’s father told her not to cry anymore.

Anita took Ade around and showed him the beautiful things in their house, while Bidemi stayed with Anita parents at their sitting room.

When they returned home, Bidemi danced around the house, thanking God for bringing Anita into their lives.

1. What is the name of Anita’s mother?
2. How did Ade gain a scholarship in primary school?
3. Who invited Ade and his mother to their house?
4. Why did Bidemi dance?
5. Is Bidemi Ade’s mother?

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