Saturday, September 5, 2020

The best Mother in the World - Part 4

The best Mother in the World (story)

Towards the end of their secondary education, Ade chose science as his major course, while Anita went for arts, because she is very good with words and since her early age, her parents had wanted her to study Law.

Mrs. Gladys and her husband were full of happiness that Ade’s friendship with their daughter has added value in her life, unlike other friends who cy to destroy.

As they sat for their jamb, Ade cleared his papers and was published nationwide as the best candidate in science, and that made Bidemi to be so proud of her little angel.

As they both got into the University, Ade and Anita lives as siblings. Although, they lived in separate houses, but they always looked out for each other and whenever Anita has any problem with the GNS courses, she quickly brings them to Ade and he will gladly put her through.

Mrs. Gladys visits them every often and makes sure they lack nothing and more often also, Bidemi visits them and gives whatever she has from the palm kernel that she gathers and sell.

The relationship between the two families got really serious that Mrs. Gladys sometimes drives in to see Bidemi asn to give her what she has for her, but out of shyness, Bidemi usually refuses what Mrs. Gladys takes to her.

“Why do you always reject things from me? Aren’t we families anymore? Look, you better change from this character, as my daughter and your son are already together. Therefore, we must get along somehow.” Mrs. Gladys says to Bidemi.

As they were both studying professional courses, it took them almost same period of time to complete. Ade spent seven years to achieve his Medicine degree, while Anita spent almost the same to achieve her Law degree.

Their one year mandatory youth service almost separated them, as Ade was posted to the far North, while Anita was to serve in the Eastern part of the country, and that made it difficult for them to see often.

One day, Anita decided to visit Ade in his place of primary assignment.

After taking her around the hospital, they both boarded a bus to an eatery, where they could have some good meal. Along the road, the bus had a terrible accident. There was hardly any survivor.

When their parents heard about it, they rushed to the hospital to see what really happened. It was indeed a bad situation. There were so many dead bodies taken out of the bus.

Surprisingly, Ade sustained only a major injury, but Anita has been in coma for hours, and it seems she might not be able to make it alive.

What surprised everyone was how Bidemi cried as if it was her only child who was in that coma. Even Ade was also among the people trying to console her but she refused.
Her tears was that the same girl that brought luck to her son was about to die.

Many days passed by, Anita did not get any better. Her parents started making efforts to fly her abroad for more medical attention, but they were advised not to try it, otherwise she would die on the way.

During the process, Bidemi fainted twice and was taken to the same ward with Ade. That was when Ade realized that Anita was at the point of death.

1. What did Anita study at the University?
2. Where were they going when they had an accident?
3. Did people die in the bus?
4. Why did Bidemi faint twice?
5.Who sustained only a minor injury?

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