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The best Mother in the World - Part 5

The best Mother in the World (story)

Gradually, Ade began to regain himself, and the first thing her did was to ask about Anita, but seeing his mother on a bed, was enough for him to know that all wasn’t ok.

He jumped up from his own bed and started asking questions, but they were not giving hum answers as he wanted. The hospital attendants felt it was not safe to tell him about Anita’s condition, so that he would not get worse.

“Can someone please talk to me”? Look, I am a Medical Doctor, and that Lady is my sister. Is she dead or alive? And why is my mother almost in bed?” Ade asked altogether.

Then, the Doctor in charge decided to invite him over to his office, since he is one of them.

“My friend, you people had a very serious accident. You are only lucky to have made it out. Most of the passengers died in that bus. Anita, your fiancĂ©e, or whatever is still in coma, and the woman they said is your mother, Bidemi has cried herself into sick bed.” The Doctor explained.

Ade was very sad after the doctor spoke to him. However, Anita’s parents were glad that he didn’t die, because every other man in the bus died on the spot.

Ade then promised everyone that he will never live and watch Anita die. “Even if this is the last thing I will ever do, I will make sure Anita gets back on her feet again.” Ade assures.

Mrs. Gladys and her husband tried their best to talk to him out of it, but he refused.

Few minutes later, Ade was taken to Anita’s private room and he could not help but cried after seeing her. As he was crying, Mrs. Gladys and her husband also joined in and cried as they head never cried before.

The next day Ade and his mother were discharged and immediately, he started making research on getting Anita on her feet.

The research took him some days, and a lot of money, but of course, Anita’s parents have enough money to sponsor him.

When he concluded his research, he started treating Anita by himself, and eventually, she came out of coma.

Mrs. Gladys and her husband did not believe that Ade could give their daughter the treatment that most doctors could not give her.

Finally, Anita was healed, but unfortunately, one of her legs was completely destroyed and the only option was to cut it off.

It was not easy for Anita to accept the decision, but with Bidemi and Ade’s assurance, she was convinced. After the service, Ade hot a job in a hospital, but Anita could not practice her Law due to her health condition. Ade and his mother continued to visit her and to encourage her, never to give up.

One day, Bidemi called Ade inside and told him that they owe Anita their lives, because without her, they would not have been where they are today and for that, they must find a way to make her happy.

“Of course mum, you are right, Anita deserves the best from us, but we have been doing our best for her.” Ade replied his mother.

“Yes my son, we have been doing our best, but our best is not enough yet. That girl would have had her legs today, if she did not visit you. I think we should give her more than care.” Bidemi said.

Ade did not really understand her, but when she explained further, Ade was surprised to know that what his mother wanted was for him to marry Anita.

“What do you mean mum? Anita and I are already living like siblings, why would I then marry her? How is that possible?” Ade said.

“Listen to me my son, it is good that we are already living as a family, and that is the reason why you should marry her. Don’t be like those fools who struggle to make their wives their friends. Make your friend your wife and you will live to enjoy your lives.” Bidemi advised.

After some time, Ade returned to his mother with a smile and told her that he has agreed. Bidemi was full of joy that day and together, they went and broke the news to Mrs. Gladys first, who now told her husband.

However, they thought that Anita will not accept that, considering how close they were surprised at how she jumped at the news.

Within few months, Ade and Anita were married and on their wedding day, Anita Parents gave Ade a gift of a big hospital in his name and also a big Law firm for Anita.
Bidemi wore a colorful wrapper and walked about the entire place happily, and that was how poverty disappeared in their generation.


1. Who later married Anita?
2. Why did Ade engage in research?
3. What happened to Anita’s leg?
4. What did Anita’s parents give them at their wedding?
5. Who wore a colorful wrapper with so much joy?

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