Friday, February 19, 2021

The Ungrateful Couple - Part 2


Despite her anger toward her husband that night, Sarah could not equally sleep. she stood regretfully at home blaming herself for what she did. Severally, she would peep out in the thick-dark of the night in expectation of the emergence of her husband.

‘O o oh! Why did I behave like that to him? To be candid, I never meant what I did. I only wanted to motivate him to put more effort into order for us to overcome this situation. Who knows where he will be by this time of the day! May he come back safely’, I pray.

These were the regretful utterances she always made whenever she stepped out to look for her husband. Meanwhile, at a particular time she wanted to enter the house after waiting for a while outside, she suddenly heard some stepping sounds from a far distance in the dark of the night. ‘its as if someone is coming ‘, she guessed as she strained her ears to hear the sounds very well. She waited on the spot to ascertain who the person was. After some minutes, her perception came to a reality. Ige emerged from the dark and walked straight to the house without saying a word. Sarah, who had already admitted that she had offended her husband felt reluctant to welcome him. She stood remorsefully on the spot while her husband passed by her.

As Ige entered the house, he went straight into his room. He locked up the door to avoid any disturbance from his wife. He then wasted no time in reciting the incantation. ‘sakuura ….. thurraaaya…..mukimba… as he was instructed by the big fish.

Miraculously, no sooner he had been reciting these strange words then both he and his wife found themselves in a very big, expensive, and well-decorated mansion. This house was also furnished with all the necessary amenities for them to live comfortably.

‘Waoh, what a magnificent house! Sarah exclaimed. She was very happy and did not hide her feeling from her husband. she knelt in his front and beg for forgiveness. Ige, who loved her very much, forgave her instantly without any complaint. He then narrated the story of the big fish for her.

‘A a ah! Thank you very much, our big fish.’ She screamed joyously after listening patiently to her husband’s narration.

Meanwhile, as a usual practice, when there is wealth, many legs troop into one’s house. As they continued swimming in the pool of wealth, almost all the people in Argungu village had become their friends. They always sought financial assistance from either the husband or the wife.

Even, at one time or the other, they were honored with chieftaincy titles.  Many associations also choose them as their patron or matron. All in the name of the money they were receiving from them. Through this, they became popular in Argungu and their neighboring villages.

Argungu was one of the villages that formed one community. The name of this community was Ifedapo. It was headed by a monarch. The decision of this monarch must bind on all the five villages.

Unfortunately, Ifedapo community had lost its king and five villages had to search for its replacement. The kingship was rational and who would become the next king among the five villages that formed the community.

Meanwhile, four among the villages had at one time or the other produced the king of the community. Only Argungu village was left to do so. So, it was obvious that the next Ifedapo king must come from Argungu village. This then called for a meeting and other neighboring villages on who to nominates as the next king. Because human beings are never satisfied, Sarah, despite their affluence always their her husband over the kingship position. ‘I want to be a wife of the king,’ she always disturbed her husband.

Whenever she mentioned this, Ige would pay no attention to her. He had told her several times that he was already contented with what God had done for him. But when her disturbance was too much, ige had to respect her wish in the long run. During their discussion on how to accomplish this mission, Sarah advised her husband to employ the spiritual power of the big fish.

‘I have so much confidence in it,’ she said.

Without wasting time, Ige entered his room. He locked himself up and began to recite the incantation.

‘sakuura….. thuraaya….mukinba,’ as he did the other time.

Surprisingly, by the time the chiefs and elders of Argungu and other villages in Ifedapo community would have concluded their meetings, they all agreed that Ige was the only person worth to be their king. The spiritual power had also worked for him. Without much delay, he was crowned as the new king of ifedapo community.

‘Many thanks to the big fish,’ Sarah shouted in a joyous mood.

Whether or not they like it, Ige remained the king while his wife, Sarah automatically became the queen of Ifedapo community. Any decision taken by the duo must bind in all the inhabitants of the five villages.

One day, Sarah slept in her room. As she was enjoying the sleep, rays of the sun penetrated through the window and reflected on her leg. This awoke her and she was very disturbed. She, then sat by the side of the bed and began to cry. Soon, her husband heard her voice. He quickly ran into her room to know what happened to the first lady of Ifedapo community. She narrated what led to her cry to her husband. Ige was very furious when he heard it.

‘Is that what you are crying for?’ he asked angrily. Sarah was not pleased with her husband's reaction. So, he resumed back to her cry, even more, serious than before. Ige, who loved her very much was uncomfortable for seeing her wife crying. He then moved closer to her and began to placate her to stop crying.

‘Stop crying my queen, such will never happen again,’ he promised her.

Sarah, an ungrateful woman suggested a probable solution to her husband if she would stop the cry. She told Ige to order the sun in and never shine towards the palace again. ‘Is that what you want? Ige asked promptly. ‘Yes the power of the big fish can do it,’  she responded with confidence.

Hence Ige did not want to hurt his wife, quickly entered his room. He locked the door and began to recite the incantations. ‘sakuura…..thuraaya….mukimba,’ repeatedly as he has been doing before.

After a stay in the room as usual, of course, another miracle happens as expected. Only that this time, what happened to the couple was negative to what they expected. All of a sudden, the two of them found themselves at their former house. They both sat dejectedly with their usual turned clothes on their bodies. They were regretting their action of ungratefulness to God. ‘This is the outcome of our ungratefulness,’ both of them lamented while biting their fingers.


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