Wednesday, April 14, 2021

5 important questions to ask a guy before dating him

There are some important questions you need to ask your toaster or crush before you accept their proposal to avoid a story that touches in the future, These questions will give you some brief about your new lover to be.

One of the most important keys to a happy relationship is to know more information about themselves before accepting to date each other, you would want to get the true not lie information that's where the problem is because some people would want to paint their former partner black or hide their weaknesses and bad characters just for you to feel sorry for them or fall in love with them.

It's most likely they may not reveal all their shortcomings in their previous relationship they will rather speak badly about their exes, do not be carried away that's men for you.

So for you to get the authentic and much information just ask about the exes, by asking the ex-related questions you would be able to pinpoint or fish out the bad partner and decide if you would date him or not

1. How did he ends his last relationship? 

you need to know how he ended his relationship with his ex. It will be really helpful if you ask if their breakup was a mutual agreement or a one-sided agreement, also ask if their breakup was calm and respectful or a super toxic and angry breakup?. 

If he's able to answer those questions correctly you will be able to know the level of calmness and understanding of your lover to be in case things go wrong between both of you in the future.

2. What causes a fight between him and his Ex?

while answering this question, you could start by noting somethings he doesn't like or something you do not like too that he might have omitted or forgot to tell you, this is a way to know if is the type of person that nags over everything that's not right or if they are the type that overlooks things.

This question is an important question to ask because it will help you reveal a lot about him such as his temper and how generous or stingy he is 

3. Has his ex moved on?

This one of the paramount questions to ask, ask if he still friends with his exes? while asking this question you will quickly know if his ex has moved on or is she on his neck.

Also, ask if his ex has found another lover or is she married already so as to avoid friends with benefit saga between him and his ex.

4. Did he cheat?

Although no one will ever admit or say they cheated in their previous relationship, it might be a hurt question to ask but it's very important for you to know if he does so you can set up rules for the relationship.

5. Was he cheated on?

This also a nice question to ask because someone who has been cheated on or whose heart has been broken before will have a trust issue in his current relationship, this a serious issue you both need to look into before you accept to date him.


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