Sunday, March 28, 2021

How to pamper your girlfriend when she's on her period

The menstrual period is just vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a lady's monthly cycle. there's nothing bad or fetish about it, don't let the common sayings affect your lifestyle. and at this period your girl expects you to be her king and companion without hindrance.

Many guys feel sad or detach from their girlfriend whenever they hear she's on her period or she just finish her period not quite long and that's very sad. Women are known to have a mood swings during their period so always pamper her when you notice it.

The menstrual period lasts around 2 to 7 days and according to scientists, women lose about 3 to 5 tablespoons of blood in a period. women are known to feel irritable, super horny, angry, uncomfortable, and hormonal shifts during their period, so has a caring boyfriend you have to watch out for all these.

Go through the list below and know how to pamper your lady when she's on her menstrual period and what to do when she shows certain symptoms on her monthly cycle.

1. Get her sanitary pad

Depends on what she uses, some ladies prefer tampons while some also prefer menstrual cups just make sure you know her choice, the size, and the brand she prefers using. buy it ahead of her next period without being asked, I guess you should know all these if you truly care about her.

2. Be comfortable with Menstrual Conversation

Don't act childish or feel disgusted when she brings up conversation concerning menstruation blood, women hate this. you need to find a way to get used to menstrual conversation no matter how disgusting what she says about menstruation. it's natural nothing attach to menstrual blood don't act childish.

3. Physical contact 

Physical contact during the period is very important so she won't feel like you are avoiding her because she's on her period, women also like it when you rub their belly and back gentle but do this only if she asks you to do because they get angry easily when they are on their period due to the fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels.

4. Food

They crave different types of food but mostly sugary foods but you have to lecture her how sugary foods can worsen her condition in a cool manner don't forget, not only sugary food can worsen the period there are some other foods she needs to avoid like salty foods, red meat, spicy foods and also the drinking of alcohol. encourage her to drink a lot of water, eat fruit, chicken, fish, dark chocolate, and drink yogurt.

5. Be Sensitive

You have to know almost everything concerning her period the day she starts and the expected day she will end it, this will show how much you care about her. check-up always to confirm no pain just try and be sweet with it. be available, stay beside her to keep her company but no excessive talk she might find that annoying.
with these few points I explained above I hope you should be able to take good care of her when she's on her period although there are still some little variations and moderation that suit your girlfriend so you need to ask and learn from her.

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