Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The negative impact of the internet on children

 The internet is a computer system that uses transmission control protocol (TCP/IP) to communicate with millions of computer users around the world to exchange information. All kinds of information such as interlinked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web ( www) and email services are available on the internet. Internet is not the only source of information but a medium that has almost every aspect of our life, it can be accessed almost everywhere with different means such as mobile phones, laptops, data cards, and cellular routers. 

     The internet has many advantages among which are information websites, social networking ( which is a new form of human interaction), online shopping, financial services, educational services, blogging, and many others. Educational materials at all levels from pre-school to post-doctorate are available on the website. However, whatever has advantages has disadvantages too. The internet, despite all its many advantages, has its negative side. parents need to teach their children there is time for everything, even to play online games, it's very important to balance it, otherwise many problems come along.

 Firstly, many children now spend more time on the internet chatting with friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. They can stay throughout the night instead of doing their homework. This prevents them from taking their studies seriously and the result is a drop or failure in their academic career. 

  Secondly, many children find new friends on Facebook, and such may turn out to be fraudsters or assassins. Many children even adults have lost their lives as a result of this. 

Thirdly, many children have committed suicide because of their inability to finish various online games such as blue whale, a notorious game that forced children to take their lives, this kind of suicide game has took many lives of children. parents need to understand that these problems arose because of lack of supervision. children who play online games will get disconnected from real life because they can see the level they have achieved in the game.

   Furthermore, some children, when not guided by parents, watch pornographic films. This is immoral and children who watch pornography end up practicing what they watch on the internet. Such children may be ruined for life and grow up to be sex addicts. children are known to have wider imaginations than adults and they are more vulnerable to the content they see.

 In addition, some children watch violent films on the internet. This exposes them to violence. The result is that such children will love violence. They fight a lot at home and in school and also turn into angry children due to the violent content they are exposed to. children spending too much of their time online also weaken the bond between them and their parents

There are now cases of children shooting their mates for no reason or engaging in an armed robbery. 

  In conclusion, children should be aware that the internet, even though very useful, has a lot of disadvantages, as can be seen from this article. Parents should guide their children that they make good use of the internet.

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  1. Nice Article...Parent should guide their children well