Thursday, April 15, 2021

Five (5) things Ladies do when they are cheating in a relationship

In the society, we found ourselves in today most people believe men cheat most although the gap is fast closing, a lot of women have been sent out of their marriage due to cheating or extramarital affairs. it may be difficult to get when exactly a lady is cheating but there are some certain behaviors she will be showing.

A Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once said happy relationships are the same but unhappy relationship is unique in its own way, I think that is true because once a lady loses interest in you there's no way you can please her or get her back. you just have to take the bold step and let her go, although it's not easy to let go of especially when it's a long-term relationship I was once a victim of that so I understand how it feels when some you love breaks your heart.

So for you to know whether she is cheating on you, they are signs you need to watch out for below;

1.  She loses interest in physical intimacy

No matter how good you are in bed she will start losing interest in having s*x with you once she has another in her life. kisses and hugs will start getting quick and short, she will start distancing herself from you. she will no longer enjoy your presence, the reason why is because is getting all these elsewhere.

2.  She nags a lot

Normally ladies nag but all you need to watch is it's a constant nagging because once a lady is cheating or no longer have interest in a relationship she will nag about everything from the smallest to the biggest issue. she will start to see her partner's imperfections and uses them as an excuse to break up with him.

3. Back out of confrontation

When you ask her directly or confront her whether she is cheating or not there are chances she will never admit and she will try everything possible to always avoid confrontation. she will always go silent by leaving every conversation hanging or turn it down.

4. We are just a friend line

This another classic way ladies used to keep or cover up the other man. if you ask her who is this guy you constantly chat with or talk to she will always say we are just a friend but pay attention to how she acts. if she's uneasy or insists to give you eye contact and divulge, there is a high probability she is seeing him or there's something between both of them.

5. She will be Distracted from you

Women are known to be a great listener and an attentive creature but if you notice she is losing interest and merely gives you attention to your conversation that's simply means something else is playing on her mind, there is a high probability that is thinking about the other guy.

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