Tuesday, April 6, 2021

There (3) Secrets you need to understand Before You Get Married

Apparently, many homes are crushing and crumbling, on daily basis. Because people failed to understand the secrets behind successful marriage. Most people outside just dabble into marriage, without taking their time to know and discern the truth behind long-lasting marriage. Of course, long-lasting marriage ain't easy but it takes to follow some necessary steps, to avoid making things go haywire or sideways in your marriage. 

Most successful marriages are successful because both partners took their time to understand the secrets behind marriage. Building your home in a marriage is way more difficult than, building your relationship before the marriage. Getting married is the call of nature for every sane and serious human being, only a frivolous and deranged human would believe that getting married ain't imperative. 

Meanwhile, it requires certain secrets before you dabble into marriage if you really want to make your marriage successful in this ending time. Then, you have to fathom these secrets I will be enlisting below. Inability or failure to discern these secrets would only make your marriage nosedive, and that's the exact reason some marriages are crumbling nowadays, especially in Nigeria. However, understanding these secrets would definitely make your marriage last longer. 

Here are the five secrets you should understand before getting married: 

1. Happiness Cannot Save Your Marriage: 

As you are planning to be successful maritally, you must be oblivious that happiness cannot save your marriage from getting haywire. Of course, you have to prioritize making your partner happy in your marriage, but at the same time that cannot really save your marriage. There would be a time your partner won't find means to be happy again, and you will be vulnerable because you don't want your relationship to be crashed. Being vulnerable in the sense that, trying to do all the impossible under the canopy of making your partner happy, Because you don't want your marriage to nosedive. Thus, to have a successful marriage, you have to discern that happiness cannot save your marriage. And, when things go sideways you should know what to do, instead of going out of the box to make your partner happy. 

2. Don't Peel The Past Wounds Of Your Partner: 

Nobody on this earth planet is free from having a rough or hideous past, because there were times we all do something we weren't proud of. So, when you love someone to the extent of getting married to that person, you have to love his/her past well. Digging or trying to dabble into your partner's past will only make you regret getting married. To have a successful and long-lasting marriage, you have to let by-gone be by-gone, and venture into a new voyage with your partner. There's a reason your partner doesn't want to tell you about his/her past, and as a sane and intelligent human being, you really have to respect that and journeying your marriage forward instead of backward. Trying to peel the past wounds of your partner would certainly give your marriage a setback, and that's very detrimental to the success of your marriage. 

3. Understand Your Partner Love Language:

It's high time people got to know that you cannot just impress your partner anyhow. You have to understand your partner's love language before you can impress him/her. And, getting to know your partner's love language can surely make your marriage last longer. Knowing your partner's exact long language would aid you to navigate yourself around him/her, when things go down to the other side. I understand that you cannot save your marriage from the crisis, but being oblivious of your partner's love language would certainly make your marriage last longer. Therefore, another secret behind successful marriage is to understand and discern your partner's love language. 

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