Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The use of mobile phone by students should be banned


Are there any parents who are ignorant of the fact that the use of mobile phones is a major source of distraction to students? How many students will use them wisely if allowed to use them in school? The above are basic questions with basic answers. The use of mobile phones by students in schools should be banned, students with a smartphone in hand are the unserious students in the class because they tend to have short attention when it comes to being attentive during class. Below are my reasons.

 Firstly, the fact that mobile phones are very important for communication purposes is not enough reason to allow students to use them in schools. Everyone knows the children are fond of mobile phones and are always seen using them to communicate with their friends. Many do not use them often to communicate with their parents. They spend useful time for studies homeworking chatting with their friends. This results in a drop or failure in their academic career. Is it not every parent's wish that the child acquires education, which is the main purpose of sending a child to school?

Secondly, the use of mobile phones by students leads to stealing among students. Many students whose parents cannot afford to buy mobile phones may resort to stealing from those who have. There are several cases of students who have stolen their mate's mobile phones. Some even steal phones belonging to their teachers. Such students are either seriously punished or expelled from school.

Thirdly, some people believe that in our present-day society, there is much insecurity, hence the need for everyone to use mobile phones.

They may be right to some extent, but the right thing to do to enable students to study without distraction is for the school authorities to make adequate provision for students in the information communication technology (ICT) department. Both federal and state governments have provided ICT in almost all schools. Students can go there at a scheduled time for communication purposes. Students who are day students can drop off and pick their registered phones in their ICT departments before and after school respectively.

Furthermore, students who use mobile phones in schools, especially the ones in boarding houses, may spend the whole night chatting with their friends. We all know that everyone needs to sleep to be healthy. The results of chatting all night are that such students sleep in the classroom during the day and they fall sick often. They lose concentration, which in turn return to failure. 

When students are too busy on their smartphone in school, the probability of getting poor grade is very high because the brain requires at least 5 minutes period to re-align with what they were taught in the classroom 

 In conclusion mobile phones, even though God's gift to man for communication purposes, should not be misused. The use of mobile phones by students in schools should be banned because the harm they cause to students is serious as can be seen in this article

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